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Resume' Refresher Services



f you like the way your current resume' is written, but you would like a better format or need minor changes, then get it refreshed:

REFORMAT ONLY $15 — Soft changes: Contact information, spell-checking, and reformat to a design that better suits your work experience and background).

REFORMAT & LIGHT EDIT $25 — Medium changes: Contact information, spell-checking, add and professionally craft your latest (one only) work experience, update education (add your degree type, school and year)

REFORMAT & HEAVY EDIT $40 — Heavy changes: Contact information, spell-checking, grammar check your entire resume; add and professionally craft TWO work experiences, update education (add your degree type, school and year)

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Refresher Options
Reformat Only $15.00 USD Reformat and Light Edit $25.00 USD Reformat and Heavy Edit $40.00 USD

Can you send your old resume immediately upon payment?

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